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When the Power Goes Out – An Erotic Story ( sexs story !

In the following free erotic story, a couple must find a way to pass the time when a snow storm knocks out the power…

sex cerita story When the Power Goes Out – An Erotic Story ( sexs story !
When the Power Goes Out – An Erotic Story ( sexs story !

When the Power Goes Out – An Erotic Story ( sexs story !She leant over the opposite arm of the couch and crawled over to him, holding herself above his body until her lips were just barely brushing against his cheek. ‘In fact, I wouldn’t even be on this couch if I wasn’t worried about freezing to death,’ she murmured. Tilting her head to gauge his reaction, she saw his eyes were half-closed and his face slack with lust.
‘Can’t have you freezing to death on me. It’d be ages until the ambulance could get here,’ his voice rumbled, travelling more through his chest than his throat. He pulled the blanket over her while she scooted forward, seating herself firmly onto his lap.
‘There we…’ he started to say, interrupted by a deep moan as her teeth found his ear lobe.
‘Mhhm?’ she asked, letting her tongue and teeth walk their way along the outer shell of his ear. His grip tightened on her waist and their hips met with sudden urgency as he lifted himself up beneath her.
She sat up and unzipped her sweater, now not noticing, or at least not caring about, the coldness of the zipper against her bare chest. He slid his palms up along her body to cup her breast and ran his thumb across her nipple gently.
‘Pants off,’ she directed, and they both complied in unison, wiggling so as to stay as much under the large comforter as they could.
She giggled, flustered with the effort to help him slide down his jeans. His cock tented the thick flannel boxers reserved for cold months and she wrapped her hand around the outside of their flap to bring it her mouth. With a flat tongue she circled the tip, moving wider around the head as she slowly and rhythmically engulfed him completely. His moans seemed to echo in the house, silent of the usual hum of electricity.
He clasped her hands around the base of his cock and thrust upward toward her face. She extricated her hands from his and used her thumbs to put pressure on either side of his pelvis, pointer fingers tucked behind his balls to find his sensitive spot.
‘Up,’ he rasped. She lifted herself above him, and using her right hand against his throat to steady herself, paused against the shock of his tip against her body.
She waited.
His eyes widened, then screwed shut in frustration. ‘Please?’
Tightening her grip against the sides of his throat she started to lower herself onto him, then gasped sharply as he entered with more urgency than she had anticipated. She flexed her thighs against his hip bones in an effort to slow him down but he bucked in response, throwing the blanket off her shoulders.
‘Hey!’ she exclaimed, giving him a sharp smack on the cheek. He smiled indulgently and wrapped his arms around her back and shoulders, pulling her head close to his chest with her arms pinned to her side.
‘Sorry,’ he whispered, not slowing.
She wriggled ineffectively against his tight grip holding her captive against her body, and dug her nails into his ass.
With a cry of mixed pleasure and pain his grip loosened momentarily, but only to flip her underneath him.
She pushed his mouth onto her nipple and pushed against the warm piled of cushions beneath her. With her other hand she circled her clit.
Having completely abandoned any cover, he straddled her, using on leg to push against the floor as they panted in synchronous. Everything became indistinct in the flickering glow of the candle and the heady rush of sensation as their pulses raced one another’s…and then sudden convulsions as control was finally wrested from both of them by orgasm.
Their ragged breaths bled into sighs as they lay there intertwined, taking in the scent of sweat quickly cooling and the creamy fragrance of candle, now low in its holder. The snow had stopped, and no doubt the power would be back on within the hour.
She sighed, lifted her head to place her chin on his and looked thoughtfully into his eyes.
‘Yes’m?’ he smiled.
‘You know it’s your turn to get the door when the delivery guy comes, right?’

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